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About Finger Lakes Aquaculture 
                       7627 County Rd. 36 
Naples, NY 14512 
(585) 374-2974 
Phil Faber - Owner 

Finger Lakes Aquaculture  is located in the heart of the Finger Lakes Region in Naples,  New York.  This is an  area where fresh clean  water is abundant. Our area is the home of the famous Naples Creek and the legendary Rainbow Trout Derby which is held every April 1st. We are also located close to some of the best fishing lakes in the United States.

We began the  aquaculture  business  in 1989  with 3  ponds and  working out of a small barn. Today we have a modern 3,000 square foot hatchery facility and  office in  addition to  15  broodstock,  nursery,  and  production  ponds.

Finger Lakes Aquaculture  is a family owned enterprise that has had roots to the  agriculture  business for  more than  five  generations.  We   have  been operating  this farm  for more than half a century.  Although the aquaculture and  fish  farming  business is  somewhat   different  than   what  you  would consider  traditional  farming,  there  are   still  many  similarities.  In   this business,  you are dealing with a  live animal that requires regular monitoring and attention. Many times we are at the mercy of mother nature, be it flood, drought,   or extended  periods of  extreme hot  or cold weather. Loss due to predatory  animals such as birds,  mink,  and raccoon  can have an  impact  on fish  production.  Damage to pond  dikes and  banks from  burrowing  animals such  as muskrats  is also an  ongoing  problem.

Our  mission over the  years has been to supply  quality game and forage fish for  stocking   purposes   at  a  reasonable   price.  We   maintain   our   own broodstock  at our  facility to insure the  health and  genetic viability of the fish we produce. We offer several species  of fish to insure  that you will be able  to  stock a  combination  that will  be  successful and  that you  will  be satisfied with.  We will ask  many questions  about your  pond, water  supply, and  recreational goals  in an attempt  to help you make the best decision for the  future  of  your  pond   and  fish  experience.

As  much as  we strive to give  the best  service possible,  we regretfully ask that unannounced  visits not  be made to  the hatchery.  There is  not  always someone  at  the  hatchery  and  we  do  not  want  customers   to  drive  long distances  only  to  be  disappointed.  Fish  are  generally netted  from  large outdoor ponds only after  an order  or confirmation is received. Because fish cannot  be kept available for  sale at all times, we  request that you  make an appointment to  pick up  any order.  By doing this  we  can  ensure that  your fish  will  be  healthy  and  ready  for  pickup.